Annual Teach Children to Save Day 2019

Posted by Rachael Carter on Fri, Apr 12, 2019
Rachael Carter


Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the Teach Children To Save (TCTS) program sponsored by the American Bankers Association (ABA) Foundation. TCTS is a free, banker-driven national program that is focused on teaching kids primarily in grades K-8 about banking careers, interest, money savings, and more.

Every year, the ABA Foundation organizes the TCTS event on the national level and picks a date during April - which is recognized as Financial Literacy Month - to encourage bankers to get out in their communities and educate children on the importance of saving and establishing good money habits.

Did you miss out on getting involved in TCTS today? That's okay! The ABA Foundation encourages anyone that is interested in establishing a local program through their financial institution to do so at any time during the year.

For more information and resources to set up your local program, visit the Teach Children to Save page on the ABA's website.

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