Bank of Botetourt Partners with Teslar Software

Posted by Teslar Software on Tue, Apr 16, 2024
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We're excited to announce our new partnership with Bank of Botetourt!

Buchanan, VA-based Bank of Botetourt is utilizing technology to centralize their systems and operations to make things smoother and more efficient. Beginning with Teslar’s Exceptions Tracking platform, the bank aims to replace a historically manual and tedious process of tracking and clearing exceptions.

"We’ve been looking to centralize our multiple decentralized systems and processes into a single, efficient system,” said Paul Murphy, FVP – Head of Credit & Loan Services at Bank of Botetourt. “We’re looking forward to a more simplified and efficient lending process."

Bank of Botetourt also plans to incorporate Teslar’s workflow and forms automation, pipeline, construction management tools, and customer portals for lending and deposits to streamline and automate their approach to lending and banking operations.

"Traditionally, being a smaller bank meant a versatile approach where everyone wore multiple hats. Yet, as we grow, we started to see more specialization, turning a single department into what feels like multiple mini-departments, each with its own processes and tracking methods. That's where Teslar comes in. It offers centralization, ease of use, and the right tools to improve our overall operations,” Paul added.

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