RPA-Driven Customer Portals for Commercial Banking

Posted by Zach Harrod on Thu, Nov 2, 2023
Zach Harrod

Untitled design - 2023-10-31T100925.538Commercial customers are typically a bank’s largest revenue stream. Meeting their needs and providing top-notch experiences for them is a high priority, but most financial technology is not built or suited for commercial customers or complex relationships.

Teslar’s RPA-driven customer portal is the industry’s first portal designed for commercial banking relationships. Provide better experiences for your biggest borrowers, complex relationships, most profitable customers, and largest deals without sacrificing the extra care and attention they need. 


Simplify the Loan Renewal & Application Process 

Today’s community banks must be digitally convenient while also offering a stellar in-person option for their high-value commercial customers. Too often, businesses must choose between an impersonal big bank with convenient services, or a community bank whose loan renewal and application processes are tedious and time-consuming. Without the right balance of technology and personal touch, you will lose key customers to the more convenient option.  

How can community banks utilize the most recent innovations to even the playing field when they are up against the tech at a big bank’s disposal? 

Teslar’s customer portal simplifies your commercial customer’s experience while freeing up your own team to focus on your competitive edge: bringing your personal touch to your customers’ banking experience.  


Easily and Securely Request and Receive Financial Documents 

This technology allows your customer to drag their files from their own device into the portal. From there, Teslar leverages built-in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to route documents and forms through your bank for approval and automatic imaging. It provides a single access point for managing documentation for businesses with complex relationships and allows borrowers to selectively grant access to their CPA or Controller. 

All of this is fully secure and saves your customer the headache of a long back-and-forth exchange over email or a trip to their branch. For those customers that do prefer an in-person transaction, your employees will have more time to give them their full attention.  

Instead of wasting your talent on squeezing what value you can out of a manual system, we enable your team to focus on the challenges only human touch can solve: how to provide the best customer experience possible.  


You Know Your Customer–Our Portal Remembers Your Customer 

Community banks rely on their personal touch to differentiate their services. Your customer isn’t just a number–they’re part of your community. But when you have to ask your customer for a document they have already sent you, you are conveying the opposite message. 

Like an attentive community banker, Teslar knows your customer and takes the entire relationship into account to ensure you only ask for documents that are currently missing. No need to send a blanket checklist of needed items--if you have ever collected documents or basic information from your customer, Teslar’s smart tools will make sure you don’t ask for the same information again. 


Your commercial customers aren’t just a number, and our customer portal helps your team consistently communicate that message.


To learn more about Teslar's customer portal or implementing RPA in your institution, continue the conversation by reaching out to zach@teslarsoftware.com.  

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