First Neighbor Bank Partners with Teslar Software

Posted by Teslar Software on Wed, Apr 3, 2024
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We are excited to announce our partnership with First Neighbor Bank!

Toledo, IL-based First Neighbor Bank is on a steady growth trajectory, having recently surpassed the $500 million mark with plans to reach $1 billion in the next five years. As they’ve grown, the bank recognized the importance of robust processes and procedures for sustainable growth and identified key areas for improvement within their internal systems, particularly loan and deposit management.

Teslar fits into this plan by providing an Exceptions/Covenant Tracking system and Simple Pipeline tools to streamline these processes and ensure comprehensive management across all departments.

"Teslar was the right thing at the right time. As we grow, we recognize the need for better processes and procedures, and Teslar provides a good and easy process from the start,” said Tom Webb, CEO and President of First Neighbor Bank.

The bank also wanted to improve precision in their loan renewal and reporting processes. Teslar's solution, equipped with the capability to build detailed reports for renewals up to 60 days in advance, stood out as a good fit for the bank’s needs. This, coupled with the integration of DocuSign for e-signatures, solidified the bank’s decision to partner with Teslar.

“Our partnership with Teslar is not just a step towards operational efficiency; it's about fulfilling our commitment to providing top-tier banking services as we scale. We look forward to achieving remarkable growth and serving our community even more efficiently,” said Webb.

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