Farmers National Bank of Griggsville Partners with Teslar Software

Posted by Teslar Software on Wed, Mar 13, 2024
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We are excited to announce our partnership with Farmers National Bank of Griggsville!
FNBG is a community-focused bank based in Griggsville, IL focused on updating their exceptions processes to enhance efficiency and help support growth in a competitive market.

Griggsville will utilize Teslar’s Exceptions/Tickler Tracking tools and customer portal, along with reporting and portfolio management tools to revamp the bank’s manual exceptions management processes.

"We've been dependent on inefficient manual processes that fell short of our expectations. With Teslar, we see an opportunity to enhance our exception tracking and extend these improvements across all areas of banking operations, said Doug Smith, CEO of Farmers National Bank of Griggsville.

FNBG is known for its small-town feel, which often comes with the challenge of growth and staffing in rural areas. "We believe Teslar's solutions will help us better utilize our key personnel, relieving some of the pressure on our staff and enhancing our overall operational efficiency," Smith added.

Teslar’s platform is expected to positively benefit the bank’s operations, allowing for more autonomy from teammates. "The introduction of Teslar's platform will be a game-changer for our operations. It simplifies complex tasks, making daily jobs more efficient and reducing workloads significantly. I'm often stretched in numerous directions, so having a system that allows staff to handle reports independently is a huge relief," said Beth White, Operations Manager.

The team is also looking forward to the added benefits of visibility to data. “Teslar provides us with the clarity to see outstanding exceptions, understand why certain issues are recurring, and identify bottlenecks. This level of insight is invaluable for our bank's operations," White added.

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