Introducing Teslar’s New Logo

Posted by Teslar Software on Wed, Jun 15, 2022
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3-Jun-10-2022-03-27-16-23-PMWe are excited to officially announce our new logo to the world!As a Fintech startup, we are committed to always be innovating, growing, and improving. Our software products and our team have been growing rapidly, and we have updated our logomark to better represent who we have become and where we’re headed in the future.

This new logomark captures our mission to transform commercial lending by streamlining processes to make the workload easier and more efficient. It captures what Teslar does for community banks: it takes what seems impossible and makes it simple.

The impossible triangle logomark comes from impossible geometry, a type of optical illusion that consists of a two-dimensional figure that is naturally registered by the eye as a three-dimensional object. It is a combination of mathematics and art.

Our new logomark has been designed to keep the heart of what our existing logomark stands for while simultaneously moving our brand forward.

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