Is Your Institution Cyber-Aware?

Posted by Jacob McDaniel on Fri, Oct 25, 2019
Jacob McDaniel

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This month we have focused on numerous aspects of cybersecurity. Sometimes simply starting the conversation about cybersecurity is the first step in protecting your customers information from cyber criminals. Cybersecurity is becoming a huge factor for consumers when selecting an institution to partner with their business. It is also becoming an important step in the on-boarding process of a customer. However, there are steps that you can take to illustrate your cybersecurity protocols and make your customers feel at ease about doing business with you.

One of the first steps you can take is to display any cybersecurity certifications you have on your website. If you receive a certification like a NIST 1,800-53, provide that information to your current and future customers to let them know that you are following the US standards on cybersecurity. Also, it is important to have an open dialogue with your customers when they ask you questions about cybersecurity. Be prepared to provide the steps you would take as an institution in the event of a data breach and what your process is to mitigate the effects.

As we have discussed throughout the month, it is important to raise awareness about cybersecurity. So, why not provide your customers with sound advice on how they can secure their personal information and devices? This can also help establish trust between you and your customer. Let your customers know what kind of cybersecurity insurance or protocols you have in place and recommend them to trusted companies that can assist them. These types of conversations are very productive in today’s climate because customers are prioritizing cybersecurity now more than ever before.

Customers are worried about their personal information being stolen by cyber criminals. The need for cybersecurity awareness within financial institutions is essential. Your customers need to have full confidence in your organization, so take the necessary steps to ensure that you portray your businesses priority of cybersecurity! With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month coming to an end, hopefully the steps we have talked about can make your households, organizations, and customers more secure.



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