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Posted by Bethany Wood on Thu, Aug 13, 2020
Bethany Wood

Untitled design - 2020-07-27T162627.521You may have already heard about our PPP Forgiveness solution, Teslar PPP Forgiveness, but did you know we are integrated with SBA’s API? The direct API connection allows the lender to submit the application form with supporting documents to the SBA for approval easily through Teslar, saving you from having to use 10+ documents, answer questions and submit for each loan on your own to the SBA.

Our forgiveness solution offers a secure and dynamic forgiveness application portal for the loan applicant to provide the lender with the required documents and application data to calculate forgiveness. This application portal automatically syncs with your entire PPP portfolio to a back end pipeline—perfect for audit trails and record keeping. Our solution also provides a centralized, easy-to-use internal platform for your financial institution to track and monitor the progress of forgiveness application and accompanying documentation.

Teslar PPP Forgiveness is also integrated with DocuSign® so bankers can securely send documents to customers for e-signatures. Additionally, we offer the ability to communicate with all borrowers at once or individually and a forgiveness calculator.

In an effort to help community financial institutions, who have already done so much to give back to their communities through the Paycheck Protection Program and other pandemic offerings, we are providing this forgiveness solution at a low per-application cost, one of the best in the entire marketplace, to make the service readily available without long-term contracts or obligations.

We understand that the SBA Forgiveness process has undergone many changes and inevitably we will see more. Teslar PPP Forgiveness is designed to quickly adjust and adapt to these changes to ensure you and your customers have exactly what is needed to complete the forgiveness process.

If you’re interested in learning more about Teslar PPP Forgiveness, we’d love to answer your questions and show you the solution. Email us at or schedule a demo today!

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Not quite ready for a demo? You can view more details on Teslar PPP Forgiveness in a brief one-page document here.

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