Resources for Learning Financial Literacy at Home

Posted by Bethany Wood on Tue, Apr 7, 2020
Bethany Wood

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April is Financial Literacy Month! This year, many of us have unique opportunities to participate in Financial Literacy Month. As schools around the globe are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents and caregivers have suddenly found themselves largely taking on the role of their children’s educators. Many are searching for new, exciting, and educational resources for children to do with their newfound free time.

Raising financially literate children is a great way to secure your child’s future. Concepts found in personal finance merge well with valuable life skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and self-control. A child’s ability to understand varying aspects of financial literacy varies greatly based on their cognitive abilities, but there are steps that can be taken for children of all ages to teach financial literacy. 

We’ve gathered a list below of our favorite resources for learning financial literacy at home!  


FDIC’s MoneySmart 

The FDIC’s MoneySmart program offers educational materials and lesson plans for both teacher and parent/caregiver guides covering various age-appropriate topics for grades K-12. Some of the lessons include needs vs wants, buying decisions, and saving and investing. There are also downloadable coloring and activity pages! 


CFPB’s Money as You Grow 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has multiple tools available for young children through young adults. There are worksheets and activity ideas, tips and guidelines for how to have conversations about money with the kids in your life, and some great reading lists. 


U.S. Currency Education Program’s Currency Academy 

The Currency Academy is a fun and interactive resource that children can participate in to learn all about paper money from an art and science perspective.  


World of Cents 

A fun app from the National Credit Union Administration for kids ages 5 and up to learn the concepts of earning, saving, and spending money. Also available in desktop. 


TreasuryDirect Kids 

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service offers a couple of finance-based kids’ games on their website, as well as educational content to explore. 


15 Financial Literacy Crafts for Kids 

Ideas from Kasasa for crafts kids can do at home that teach financial literacy concepts!  

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