Let Teslar Take You to the Playoffs

Posted by Zach Harrod on Thu, Dec 28, 2023
Zach Harrod

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As any football fan knows, “decent” isn’t good enough. If you describe your offensive line as “eh, it mostly works,” your quarterback is probably ending most plays on his back.

Decent isn’t good enough. “Our system mostly works,” certainly isn’t good enough. That’s true for football and it’s true for banking.The opportunity cost of retaining decent systems is giving up on better systems. It’s losing out on potential gains in profit. It’s starting a walk-on who’s been with the school for four years and keeping your 5-star transfer on the bench.

I talk to community bankers every day who have systems that are “good enough.” And much of the time, the reason those systems work is because of the talented people at the bank. They know the steps to file a risk-rate change. They know which customer documents are missing, and they know how to retrieve critical data from the core.

But what if one of those legacy employees retires or finds a new opportunity? Or in a more optimal situation: what if your bank finds itself in a position to grow, either through an acquisition or through organic growth? Are those manual processes scalable? What does the onboarding process look like when you are stuck in email chains and shared drives or manually dragging out data from your core?

There’s a better way than trying to scale with your manual processes. Yes, those processes may work “well enough” for now, but when you lose a talented employee, many of your processes go out the door with them.

Teslar solves this through automation, driving efficiency on your team while standardizing your processes. Instead of your employees being responsible for dozens of manual steps and forms, Teslar prompts each employee to complete necessary tasks and automates many of those more tedious, menial tasks so your employees can focus on high-value efforts such as customer service.

One of a bank’s most expensive employees is their lenders. Ideally, their valuable time is spent in the field, finding new customers or nurturing their current customer relationships. Too often, however, they are tied up in manual tasks, tracking down customer documents, scanning those into the imaging system, filling out paperwork associated with those accounts. Teslar automates this process, saving an average of 92 hours per week, per team, so that your employees’ time is spent on higher-value projects.

Like a trusted walk-on, maybe your manual processes have given you some winning seasons. Let Teslar take you to the college playoffs.

If you are interested in learning more about our industry-leading process automation platform, please feel free to give me a call at 479-347-4026 or shoot me an email at Zach@Teslarsoftware.com.




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