Utilizing Teslar to Empower Your Employees

Posted by Bethany Wood on Tue, Mar 16, 2021
Bethany Wood


In the final post of the Teslar Power Users series, we hear from Pam Lawson at NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas-based Grand Savings Bank about how Teslar helps the bank navigate some of the challenges banks and bankers are currently facing. No matter what your bank’s current processes are or what role you serve at your bank, Teslar can help you and your bank become more efficient, streamlined, and empowered.

Meet Pam Lawson! Pam has worked for Grand Savings Bank for over 20 years and has been using Teslar for 4 years. Teslar is utilized bank-wide for everyone from CSRs, back room operations, and loan staff. Grand Savings utilizes Teslar largely for Workflows and Pipeline, but initially signed up out of excitement for the Construction Management module. “The Inspection piece gives lenders the opportunity to do inspections on the fly and make a seamless process of transferring images and inspection sheets over to our imaging system while also having quality control,” Pam explains. Some of her favorite things about Teslar…



“The biggest advantage to using Teslar that we’ve seen is the empowerment it’s given our branch managers and market presidents. The first thing they do when they come in in the morning is pull up Teslar. They want to know how many new loans closed the day before, how many accounts closed, look at exceptions or past dues. They want to know what their market is doing. And along with that, it creates accountability with those employees. I preach about Teslar’s benefit of accountability all the time. Everything that is done within Telsar has a time stamp.”

In addition to benefitting these roles, every employee utilizes Teslar to boost the bank’s efficiencies. By utilizing Teslar’s workflows, the bank has eliminated emailing documents. “Every document that we found ourselves emailing to a department or area to work through, we’ve cut it out by creating a workflow with Teslar; whether that’s file maintenance, exception processing, holds on the front line, debit card increases—anything and everything—and everyone at the bank is embracing that. We have said ‘no more email.’ We don’t want to do that anymore at our bank.”



“I don’t see how any banker can operate day to day without having a Teslar dashboard in front of them. I really, really don’t. Not just lenders, but branch managers, quality control, and the back. It truly empowers you as a banker and as an employee because you have all the information you need in front of you that you’ve never had before.”

“The dashboard also helps create accountability with your other employees. If your past due average is 4-5 percent but then can see your Market President’s average is .20 percent, then you know you might need to work on your past dues. With the dashboard everyone can easily see what’s going on, where if you’re working in your core, you can’t get that info unless you print several different reports and then compile it together for yourself. Why would you do that when you can just have it right in front of you?”

We are grateful for creative and innovative partners like Grand Savings Bank that help make our products better and willingly share their Teslar story!


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