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Posted by Teslar Software on Mon, Apr 19, 2021
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Please join us in welcoming Nathan George to our Client Advocacy team as the newest Client Advocate!

Nathan joins us with many years of banking experience in both a branch environment and behind-the-scenes operations. His role here at Teslar Software will be to work closely with our clients to offer support, ensure their needs are being met, and that they are getting the most out of our software. We chatted with Nathan and asked him a few “getting to know you” questions to help us get better acquainted:


  1. What’s your favorite food?

I genuinely love everything, but give me something Cajun. Please don’t make me choose one dish.


  1. Would you call yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

Definitely an extrovert. I have to have that personal interaction.


  1. What’s something you’re proud of?

I’m proud of my ability to handle change, a seemingly constant state in the banking world and also I’m sure in software as well.


  1. If you had to pick one age to be permanently, which age would you choose?

I’m going to cheat and say whatever my current age is. As someone who loves to learn new things, I enjoy that I’ve never known more than right now and there’s always something more to learn.


We are excited to have Nathan be a part of the Teslar team!

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