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Independent Banker's 40 Under 40

Posted by Jacob McDaniel on Wed, Jul 10, 2019
Jacob McDaniel


In June of 2019, the Independent Banker released their 40 under 40 list of Emerging Community Bank Leaders. This list created by the Independent Banker was generated by asking community bankers to nominate emerging leaders under the age of 40 in their bank and in their community. The list represented leaders from all over the United State who have been creating innovative ideas and strategies to help their community banks.

For example, Calvin Lam from GBC International Bank in Los Angeles was nominated as an emerging leader based on building inclusivity within his bank branches.1 Creating inclusivity for employees at bank branches is important, because even though these employees might be in a different city or completely different state, they still need to feel as if they are a part of the decision-making process. It is important that all employees, no matter the position, feel valued within their company.

Another area of emerging leadership that the Independent Banker focused on was innovators in community banks. One such leader they presented was Adrianne Logsden, the Information Security Officer at Unico Bank in Mineral Point, Montana. Adrianne helped streamline processes for her customers by creating a mobile banking experience that has brought her rural customers up to speed with the latest technology.1 Prioritizing innovation is key within a community bank in order to provide their customers with the best possible user experience. Also, rural customers that might be rather far from the nearest bank branch, can utilize the ease of mobile banking for a myriad of transactions and deposits.

An innovator also recognized by the 40 under 40 list is Adom Greenland, the Chief Operating Officer at ChoiceOne Bank. Adom helped stoke innovation within ChoiceOne Bank by forging fintech partnerships, as well as initiating a financial education program for local agriculture customers.1 The process of forging fintech partnership can be a key aspect of innovation for community banks. Fintech companies such as Teslar can be a key partnerships for a community bank that can increase efficiencies, streamline some manual processes, as well as bring banks up to date with the latest technology available for their customers.

All the community bank leaders on the 40 under 40 were well deserving of their praise and we look forward to seeing how these leaders grow their banks in the future.

1. https://independentbanker.org/2019/06/40-under-40-emerging-community-bank-leaders/

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