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Jack Henry Connect 2022 Recap

Posted by Bethany Wood on Fri, Sep 9, 2022

The Teslar team had an amazing time in San Diego, CA last week at the Jack Henry Connect 2022 conference! Conference attendees Colin Savells, David Hamrick, and Jacob McDaniel sat down to discuss their favorite parts of the event.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare your bank for an economic downturn

Posted by Bethany Wood on Tue, Jun 7, 2022

As Americans are beginning to feel the weight of current inflation, thoughts of a coming recession have been on the minds of many. Earlier this month, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time since 2018 in an attempt to combat inflation. While this announcement has put some minds at ease, there are still many Americans concerned this is just further evidence a recession is coming.

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Teslar Named Top Lending Technology by Bankers

Posted by Bethany Wood on Thu, May 26, 2022

Teslar Software has been selected by bank executives as a top lending platform/automation technology in Bank Director's digital transformation poll released this month. These solutions were selected based on innovation, ease of use, service, and ROI.

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Community Banks Considering their Options as Big Banks Remove Overdraft Fees

Posted by Bethany Wood on Thu, Mar 31, 2022

Citibank recently announced plans to eliminate overdraft fees beginning this summer, making it the largest bank thus far to implement this policy, according to the press release. The bank announced it would stop charging overdraft fees, returned item fees, and overdraft protection fees in an effort to be more financially inclusive.

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5 Reasons to Attend Your Vendor’s User Conference

Posted by Bethany Wood on Thu, Jul 29, 2021

Conferences are on our mind right now as we’re preparing for the annual Teslar User Conference coming up this September. Navigating conferences in this post-pandemic/lingering pandemic atmosphere poses its own challenges as we seek to meet the needs and preferences of our clients.

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An Affordable Way for Community Banks to Compete in Online Banking

Posted by Bethany Wood on Thu, May 13, 2021

The banking industry is completely changing (and fast!) due to this global pandemic. While banks are typically slow to adopt technological changes, the pandemic has accelerated this process by years. Digital offerings are not just conveniences anymore, but legitimate necessities for customers now. This adaptation can be more difficult for community banks with more limited resources than it is for large banks, but community banks still want to be players in the game.

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Teslar Software Quarter One in Review

Posted by Bethany Wood on Wed, Apr 21, 2021

We have officially completed one quarter of 2021! The world is slowly shifting into a new phase of normal as covid cases and regulations are diminishing, but things still aren’t quite ready to go back to pre-covid routines. As a fast-growing startup, something exciting is always happening pandemic or not. We’re happy to share and recap just a few of the exciting things that have been happening so far in 2021.

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How Pinnacle Bank Revolutionized Its Reporting Processes Using Teslar

Posted by Bethany Wood on Tue, Apr 13, 2021

Analyzing risk is essential to the success of a community bank, but how accessible is information in your organization? For many banks, accessing advanced reports is not a quick or easy process.

What if, as an end user, you could create or edit customer reports, sort or summarize the data, and export it to the format you need without waiting for your IT department? With Teslar’s advanced reporting this, and more, is possible.

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Celebrating Financial Literacy Month

Posted by Bethany Wood on Fri, Apr 9, 2021

Establishing and maintaining healthy financial habits is an important part of daily life, but collectively, American knowledge of the subject has been severely lacking. Multiple studies and surveys found that kids, teenagers, and young adults were not being taught how to manage personal finances, credit cards, retirement funds, or debt by their parents or by the education system. A study Bank of America conducted showed that only 16% of Americans ages 18-26 feel optimistic about their financial future.[1]

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Utilizing Teslar to Empower Your Employees

Posted by Bethany Wood on Tue, Mar 16, 2021

In the final post of the Teslar Power Users series, we hear from Pam Lawson at NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas-based Grand Savings Bank about how Teslar helps the bank navigate some of the challenges banks and bankers are currently facing. No matter what your bank’s current processes are or what role you serve at your bank, Teslar can help you and your bank become more efficient, streamlined, and empowered.

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